The Sydenham River

The head waters of the East Branch of Sydenham River rises in a moraine near Ilderton, Ontario. This is about 13 km northwest of London. The main branch of the river is 165 km long. The watershed is the only one which lie entirely within the Carolinian Life Zone. From the headwaters, the watershed falls 106 metres where it joins with the North Branch at Wallaceburg. This is a very gradual slope which means the river generally runs quite slow compared with many other rivers in Ontario. There are six major tributaries of the East Branch: Long, Fansher, Haggerty, Morrough, Brown and Hardy Creeks. Many agricultural drains have been added to the natural watercourses in the watershed. If you combine all the drains with the natural watercourses and laid them end to end, they would stretch from Strathroy to Baffin Island! The East Branch flows through a mostly agricultural landscape. There is very little urban and industrial development along the river. There are only two communities along the river that have a population over 10,000 people; Strathroy located near the upstream end of the river; and Wallaceburg, located at the extreme lower end of the river.

sydenham river air

Sydenham River with canoe